Santa Borrowed Our Excavator!
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In 2013 Hard-Co began one of its larger projects at the Oshawa Centre. For the Christmas season, we decorated our 800 Excavator on site and lent it to Santa to help him out with those heavier presents!
We received the following email from an Oshawa Centre shopper:
"I would like to express my thanks for the kind person or persons that were responsible for decorating the piece of heavy equipment outside the Oshawa Centre. It truly brought some joy to the season! Especially after spending hours in the Mall shopping. Kudos to you Hard-Co, you have won my respect for displaying some kindness over the Christmas season. I took pride in decorating my unit in the hospital where I worked for years as I knew it brought a bit of joy to all involved including our patients. I have been sidelined with a diagnosis of a brain tumour, so I am unable to do it anymore, but I do have time to thank people for making this world a better place to be, your company has done that. I know thousands of people walk by your display and think to themselves "that's cool" but don't have time to Thank you, but I have been given the luxury of time to stop and Thank the people that think beyond themselves and take the time to spread some kindness, it has not gone unnoticed, keep up the good community work, it is appreciated!
Merry Christmas!"
Thank you for the positive feedback! It's great to hear we've made someone smile during such a stressful time!